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Brain Food | Adaptogenic Herbal Mushroom Coffee

Good Land


Crafted in Loveland, Ohio by Conscious Seed Apothecary.

Medicinal Chocolate Ganache Honey Ghee Blend

9 oz Jar

Brain Food is our blend of adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms that assist mood, brain, physical energy, and blood sugar all in one! It’s a magic support system for preventing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual burnout. Inspired by chocolate ganache and our honest devotion to good chocolate, this blend is the perfect addition to your morning cup of coffee or for simply snacking on an afternoon pick-me-up.

Brain Boosting Benefits

Brain Food is unique because it utilizes both water and fat-soluble properties of the plants it contains. The body quickly absorbs the herbs' full spectrum of adaptive nutrients due to ghee, a healthy fat that activates a nourishing medicinal effect within the body. This delicious mixture will become a pantry staple, and with supportive ingredients like honey, ashwagandha, gotu kola, reishi, and lion’s mane, you’ll feel energized without a crash.

Experience the Benefits of Brain Food Everyday:

  • Clears Brain Fog: Bid farewell to mental haze and embrace crystal-clear thinking.
  • Nootropic and Adaptogenic: Experience enhanced cognitive function and the adaptability to face life's challenges.
  • Adrenal Support: Nourish your adrenal health, providing your body with the support it needs.
  • Sustains Natural Energy: Say goodbye to energy crashes and welcome sustained vitality throughout your day.
  • Natural Mood Boost: Elevate your mood naturally, promoting a positive outlook.

How to Use:

Stir in a tablespoon of Brain Food into hot or room temperature water or coffee. It dissolves in seconds!

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Brain Food | Adaptogenic Herbal Mushroom Coffee
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