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Kava Chai | Masala Honey Concentrate

Conscious Seed


Crafted in Loveland, Ohio by Conscious Seed Apothecary.

9 oz Jar

Support your body’s psychical and mental stress response with the euphoric powers of Kava

Kava Chai has earned its status as a cult favorite, offering a caffeine-free instant tea that transcends the ordinary. This delightful blend is more than a beverage— it's a journey from the chaos of the mind to the serenity of the heart. Calming and euphoric, Kava Chai provides a natural high that resonates with the spirit of relaxation. Each teaspoonful delivers approximately 220mg of Kava, ensuring a potent and delightful escape with every cup.

Kava Chai is a herbal concentrate that makes an instant tea by just dissolving a spoonful into your cup. 

Whether you seek solace after a long day, crave a cozy moment, or simply desire a nightcap tea, Kava Chai is your answer. Blended with care, this herbal Chai combines Ayurvedic medicinal plants with the Pacific medicine of Kava root, resulting in a deliciously potent elixir that supports your body's innate stress response.

Embrace the numerous benefits of Kava Chai:

  • Swift relief from muscle tension
  • Improvement in gut health
  • Harnessing anti-inflammatory superpowers
  • Promotion of deep, restorative sleep
  • Calming intrusive thoughts
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Kava Chai | Masala Honey Concentrate
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